Evening School

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The Evening School provides the first steps in a students’ classical ballet training. After school classes are provided for students aged 5 years onwards. Students learn the importance of correct foundation ballet technique – building each year and Level to develop the necessary coordination, strength and artistic style. 

Melbourne Conservatoire of Ballet provides a supportive learning environment that encourages students to be responsible, confident and creative.  

Classes are taught and examined in the “Ballet Conservatoire” syllabus. “Ballet Conservatoire” syllabus was created and developed by Christine Walsh AM – former principal ballerina with the Australian Ballet - and is based on the Russian Vaganova method of training. “Ballet Conservatoire” syllabus provides students with a solid base in classical ballet focusing on correct posture, development of strength and artistic style. 

The syllabus is taught Australia-wide and in countries including Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and has been recently launched in the United Kingdom.  

The Evening School program is designed to provide students with a sound beginning to ballet, and a pathway into later Half-Day and Full-Time dance training. 

Entry into the school is by a private assessment class, designed to place each student in the appropriate level.  Please fill out our enquiry form if you would like to organise an assessment time.