The Junior and Specialised Coaching Program has been carefully designed to allow students time to learn new steps, time to consolidate past learning and time off for recovery. Each level increases in difficulty and requires additional commitment for each year. Students must attend all scheduled classes in order to participate in exams and to get the full benefit of the program.  

The year is divided into 4 terms with 3 holiday breaks and Summer break. Each term is 9 weeks duration with holiday breaks of 3 weeks. Students may also attend scheduled Holiday Classes, Exam Workshops and Summer Schools.    

Classes are held Monday to Thursday and begin no earlier than 4:30pm weekdays and 9:15am Saturdays. Classes are not held on public holidays.  

For a copy of the Term Timetable please contact reception:

p: 03 9421 2000
e: contact@conservatoire.com.au